Case Studies

Effect of 50 to 60°C Heating in Tooth Drilling Procedures

Effect of 50 to 60°C Heating on Osseointegration of Dental Implants in Dense Bone: An in Vivo Histological Study

The Strong Combination Between MAGIX Implant & Guided Surgery

Dr. Eran Gabay, the periodontist, describes the ease of performing complex dental surgeries, thanks to Cortex solutions.

Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

One universal kit for all Cortex implant systems provides a full solution for all clinical constraints. Advanced drills design featuring: bone preserving geometry and External Irrigation pass to reduce the heat produced during the drilling procedure.

Cortex Digital Solutions – Fully Digital Procedure

Cortex-guided surgery procedure is a technique of guided surgery based on the following principles: The fully guided surgical procedure, from virtual implant planning to clinical execution, by using the surgical guide and an advanced Cortex Guided Surgery Kit.

MAGIX – Drill-Less Approach

Magix – A revolutionary dental implant, designed for placement without drilling or with minimal marking drill site preparation allowing full control during implant insertion.

Our Digital Work-Flow

Cortex is a leader in the field of digital dentistry and CAD/CAM prosthetic solutions. The company has established an advanced digital lab that is fully equipped with the most advanced 3D printer and milling machine, allowing dentists to receive complete support from virtual implant planning to final restoration.

Dental Scan Protocol with CORSCAN, Just Got Better

The CORSCAN S6000 is a state-of-the-art intra-oral scanner. Providing efficient, accurate, and user-friendly work, saving precious chair time. Dr. Eran Gabay is a leading expert in the field of periodontal diseases, presenting a step-by-step digital impression for implant restoration.

Guided Esthetic Immediate loading

Cortex offers a unique, completely digital workflow for dental implants, from virtual planning to final restoration. The workflow is intuitive and easy to learn, and it comes with a universal guided surgical kit and all-in-one packaging. It delivers predictable outcomes and precise clinical results every time.

MAGIX® Drill-less implant

A collection of 19 cases of a MAGIX implant performed by Dr. Meir Mamraev. MAGIX is easy to install and works well on all bone types, including medium and soft. Minimum Invasive Procedure Minimum Chair Time. Enhance your practice with MAGIX, and start placing implants with perfect accuracy and confidence for satisfied patient outcomes.

Dental Implant Surgery – Dynamix implants

The Cortex implant system allowed an easy and successful implant surgery. The aggressive thread geometry of Dynamix implants allows for achieving high primary implant stability even in the case of poor bone density (especially in the upper jaw).

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