Dental Scan Protocol with CORSCAN, Just Got Better

Dental Scan
Author: Guiding video

Dental Scan Protocol with CORSCAN S600. A state-of-the-art intra-oral scanner.

Providing efficient, accurate, user-friendly work, saving precious chair time.

Dr. Eran Gabay is a leading expert in the field of periodontal diseases, presenting a step-by-step dental scan impression for implant restoration.

Cortex Dental Scan Protocol with a Scan Body of Implant Restoration:

  • Remove the healing cap.
  • Add new patient.
  • Choose scanning indication.
  • Scanning the patient: Occlusal, Linual, Buccal.
  • Rescan missing parts to complete the scan.
  • Trim the implant area.
  • Scan Bodies for different gingival heights. Available in the following sizes: 5mm, 9mm, 13mm.
  • Scan the scan body area.
  • Antagonist jaw scanning.
  • Scan jaws occlusion. Scan the buccal surface, and scan the bite in central occlusion.

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