The Strong Combination Between MAGIX Implant & Guided Surgery

Trapped tooth
Author: Dr. Eran Gabay

A 60-year-old woman came to the clinic with a trapped tooth and another one on the verge of loss. We had to find an immediate solution.
In consultation with Cortex, we chose a MAGIX implant that gave us an optimal solution.
During the surgery, I extracted the trapped tooth, placed the guided instrument, and inserted the implant.
The loading was immediate, the preparation minimal, and, thanks to MAGIX, I was able to level the implant inside, safely.
After the surgery, with the guided instrument still in place, I used a Cortex scanner to get confirmation of the exact location of the implant.

Thanks to Cortex’s solutions, the surgery was performed on autopilot. Everything was pre-planned and well-organized, and all that was left was implementation.

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