Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

Guided Surgery Kit
Author: Guiding video by Dr. Masha Fraibert

One universal Guided Surgery Kit for all Cortex implant systems provides a full solution for all clinical constraints.

Advanced drills design featuring: bone preserving geometry and External Irrigation pass to reduce the heat produced during the drilling procedure.

DLC (diamond-like coating) to reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and extend drill life.

All components of the surgical workflow feature a built-in guiding cylinder and stopper compatible with the sleeves, allowing the clinician to perform a FULLY GUIDED spoon-less procedure.

High-quality drills, including dedicated dense bone drills set and bone profilers, made by Maillefer Switzerland.

High-quality and easy-in-use prosthetic tools and torque ratchet. Intuitive kit layout, enabling easy-to-use workflow.

For more information, please view the Cortex Guided Surgery Kit.

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