Digital Solutions for dental implants

Digital dentistry

Cortex is leading the digital revolution in the world of dental implants, bringing high-tech innovation to physicians and patients alike.

We are proud to introduce you to Guided Surgery – an advanced, digital solution based on the most cutting-edge methods in the field.

Our systems enable a fully digital workflow, including CAD/CAM technologies on which surgical and prosthetic components are designed and manufactured, plus digital lab services that provide complete,
doctor-friendly support from anywhere in the world.

Guided Surgery

Get ready to get a lot of thank-yous.

Let our professional team guide you through the entire dental implant rehabilitation process. From the early planning stages to the moment when your client sends you that thank you card.

Our support is completely digital, intuitive, and user-friendly. This includes a universal surgical kit and unlimited access to our knowledge bases (and to us).
For years we have been improving the treatment experiences of patients and streamlining the work of physicians. Let us do the same for you.

Want to see how it happens?

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Sometimes the only thing you need to make is a breakthrough and help your business thrive is a guiding hand.

And when this guidance is easy to understand and implement – all the better.

The accuracy and simplicity of work plans created using our CAD/CAM system play a key role in creating truly high-quality rehabilitation solutions in digital implant planning.

Thanks to the best milling machines, scanning systems, and 3D printers on the market, we help doctors succeed in their daily tasks, shorten patient chair times, and provide better customer service.

After all, what is innovative digital dentistry if not the art of designing, planning, and producing beautiful and functional smiles?

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Digital Lab Services

Looking for a comprehensive digital solution for managing dental implant surgery?

Want to provide customers with a successful process involving minimal intrusion and high confidence in their results?

We are proud to present:
Our Digital Lab Services – a comprehensive package for executing all the professional requirements of virtual transplants, starting with comprehensive and professional training, and including planning tools, 3D printing, CAD/CAM services, and, of course, professional guidance from our team of experts (during and after surgery).

Doctors who already use our digital lab describe it as “one of the most professional, advanced, and physician-friendly environments.”

Digital Libraries for download

CORSCAN - Accurate. Fast. Affordable

Digital workflow by Cortex Just got Better.
Introducing Cortex Cor-Scan, the revolutionary new digital intraoral scanner.

Cortex is proud to present: Cor-Scan, the most technologically advanced scanner in the world.

The Cor-Scan digital scanner is an integral part of our Digital Workflow, enabling more accurate, convenient, and faster procedures than ever before at a competitive price.

Any pre-implant Procedure and pre-restoration prep work just got easier.

The Digital Workflow software is incredibly user friendly and easy to operate.
Additionally, software updates and files can be enabled at no extra cost.

The scanner allows exporting of S.T.L /P.L.Y. files to your lab or surgical guided planning software.

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