Dental Implant Surgery – Dynamix implants

Dynamix implants
Author: Dr Marco Berardini, DDS Specialist in Oral Surgery

The Cortex implant system allowed an easy and successful implant surgery.
The aggressive thread geometry of Dynamix implants allows for achieving high primary implant stability. Even in the case of poor bone density (especially in the upper jaw).
The surgical drills were able to collect bone chips useful for performing small bone autografts (as in the case presented).

There is evidence that an internal conical dental implant connection is an efficient factor in maintaining stable bone levels around dynamix implants. It functions by reducing the micro gap between the fixture and the abutment. Increasing the mechanical stability of the entire connection. Cortex© implants conical connection is inspired by the platform switching concept proposed by Lazzara et al (2006). Which has been extensively analyzed and validated to reduce the peri-implant bone loss related to the biological width formation.

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