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Digital Solutions for dental implants

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Cortex Dental Implants

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In everything we do, our primary focus is you: dental experts, both experienced and recent graduates, alike – the torchbearers for the next dental revolution. Most importantly, we are improving the process of dental implants.

Together, we are continually seeking out the next major breakthrough in dental technology and care.
With an extensive background in dental technology research, and therefore expertise in delivering patient care, and pioneering digital capabilities:

In conclusion, we are Cortex – your partner in creating a new era in dental medicine.

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Harnessing the power of digitization in the field of dental implants

In just a few years, the dental implant process has undergone a considerable transformation from a complex and time-consuming procedure to a streamlined and efficient digital workflow. That is to say, not too long ago, this process involved multiple steps. For instance, the reliance on third-party laboratories and manufacturing facilities. For example, prolonged waiting periods between temporary implants and final prosthetics. However, the landscape of cosmetic dentistry is rapidly evolving.
Likewise, the advent of digital technology has revolutionized the field of dental implants, replacing traditional analog methods with advanced digital solutions. As a result, this incredible digital revolution brings forth a wealth of benefits for both patients and our dental professionals partners. To sum up, here’s how.

"Why do I enjoy working with Cortex? Because of their diverse solutions. Take MAGIX®, for example, MAGIX® is an unbelievably innovative product that I have carefully studied. Most importantly, this technology solves a multitude of surgical problems, especially in the upper jaw. Cortex's innovative design allows for pain-free guided surgery, simultaneously reducing post-operative aches and pains, as well."
Dr. Gian Paolo Gennari, Italy.
"Cortex DYNAMIX implant is one of the most versatile and reliable products on the implant market. It is extremely user-friendly, but its simplicity does not come at the expense of precision. The driver is unique amongst today's systems. It gently picks up the implant with the help of the plastic ring but also provides a secure hold."
Prof. Piffkó Jósef, Hungary.
"I have no doubt that one day implantology will be as Cortex is today. In short, If you try it you will know why".
Dr. Alfonso Garcia, Spain.
"I have performed many dental implants using Cortex implants, as well as Cortex's Guided Surgery Kit. Working with this system is pure pleasure, perfect precision, and simplicity of work".
Dr. Marcinowski, Poland.

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