Effects of Aging Torque Controllers on Screw Tightening Force and Bacterial Micro-Leakage on the Implan.
Abutment Complex
Edited by:
Yousef Jiries, Tamar Brosh, Shlomo Matalon, Vladimir Perlis & Zeev Ormianer
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A new study led by Prof. Zeev Ormianer evaluated the effects of aging torque controllers on screw tightening force and bacterial micro-leakage on the implant-abutment complex.
The study evaluated spring-type, friction-type torque controllers and IAC with both conical and hexagonal connections, applying chemical, mechanical, temperature, and pressure-aging methods.
The results of the study, recently published in the journal, MDPI, demonstrate a significant decrease in torque after 10 days of aging.

Bringing fully digital implant technology to the U.S. market
Engineering innovation improves outcomes
Edited by:
Implant Practice. U.S

As a global leader in fully digital implant technology, the company, founded by a multinational consortium of dentists, surgeons, and engineers, combines innovative implant designs with a digital interface that takes the guesswork out of planning and placing implants.

Digitalization of the Golden Standard of Implantology.
Cortex Fully Digital System Takes Its Place in the Digital Dentistry World.
Edited by:
Dr. Masha Fraibert, DMD
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In the last decade, the world has been going through rapid digitalization upgrading.

Most of the exciting conventional technologies no longer exist and were replaced by smart digital systems, which led them to another level of work-flow, abilities, and final results.

Those systems allow the users to have more available and accessible updated information, that will provide the most efficient workflow, accurate and easy planning, and predictable outcomes.

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