Digitalization of the Golden Standard of Implantology.
Cortex Fully Digital System Takes Its Place in the Digital Dentistry World.
Edited by:
Dr. Masha Fraibert, DMD
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In the last decade, the world has been going through rapid digitalization upgrading.

Most of the exciting conventional technologies no longer exist and were replaced by smart digital systems, which led them to another level of work-flow, abilities, and final results.

Those systems allow the users to have more available and accessible updated information, that will provide the most efficient workflow, accurate and easy planning, and predictable outcomes.

Comparison of Bone-to-Implant Contact and Bone Volume Around Implants Placed With or Without Site Preparation.
A Histomorphometric Study in Rabbits
Edited by:
Merav Folkman, Alina Becker, Isabelle Meinster, Mahmoud Masri, Zeev Ormianer
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Bone-to-implant contact (BIC) and bone volume (BV) percentages are the main biological parameters that indicate successful osseointegration.

The objective of this in vivo study was to compare BIC and BV values of a new implant, designed to be inserted without bone preparation,

using 2 different preparation protocols:

no site preparation and prior limited cortical perforation, versus the values of a control implant using a conventional drilling protocol.

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