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Introducing Cortex CorScan - the revolutionary new digital intraoral scanner.
Digital Workflow by Cortex Just Got Better.

Cortex is proud to present: CorScan, the most technologically advanced scanner in the world.
CorScan is an integral part of our Digital Workflow, enabling more accurate, convenient, and faster dental implant procedures than ever before.

How does it work?

Unlike any analogous tool on the market, CorScan ultrafast execution can reach a scanning accuracy of up to 25μm in less than 5 minutes and includes dual scanning (laser + camera) technology.
As part of the digital workflow, CorScan creates a 3d digital model for cad/cam denture design and processing, used for tooth repair systems and other applications.

Corscan digital software
The digital workflow software is incredibly user-friendly and easy to operate, plus, additional software updates and files can be enabled at no extra cost.
In total, the digital workflow contains three modules: case creation, scanning, and image editing, which together generate intraoral scanning data for restoration, implantation, and orthodontics.

In addition, this unique multitasking system is capable of fulfilling all of the tasks of alignment, surgical guide, and planning. restoration, dental implant case planning, scan bodies, and restoration work planning, plus model scanning.

A world of unrivaled benefits

Useful & smart design

The sleek and portable CorScan is designed to be any and every dentist’s “smart tool”. It is a lightweight tool, mobile, easy to store, and easy to use whenever it’s needed.

Enhanced customer convenience

Forget messy and uncomfortable scanning powder. CorScan is a powderless intraoral scanner that will allow your patients to enjoy a clean, hassle-free procedure.

Enjoy a colorful display

Our digital software provides full-color P.L.Y. scanning and color-coded oral display files that maximize treatment accuracy.

Technical information

Technical information:

  • Product form – Portable intraoral scanner
  • Average time of full arc scan – Up to 5 minutes
  • Anti-fog technology – Automatic heating
  • Digital Connection USB 3.0
  • Sensor – 500FPS CMOS
  • Full arc scan accuracy – 32μm
  • Infection control – Autoclavable/ cold
  • Scanner dimensions – 240mm(L) x 39.8mm(W) x 57mm(H)
  • Model Manipulation Capabilities – Trimming, Locking, Rotation
  • Depth of field – 0-15mm
  • Scanner file output – STL, PLY
  • Weight – 350g
  • Scanner type – Color scanning without powder
  • Tip dimensions – 18.5mm(H) x 19mm(W)
  • Clinical Indication – Restorations, Implant planning and restoration, orthodontic
  • Scanning technology – Digital Photography
  • Additional Features Automatic Model Optimization – No spray or powder needed
  • Cable length – 2m


Does CorScan have a warranty?
For how long and what does it include?

We provide a 2-year warranty, with an option to extend for up to 5 years for a yearly fee.
With appropriate use, our warranty includes full replacement of the scanner, if necessary.

Does CorScan offer CAD software integration?

The software we include can export the scans in STL format. They can be viewed in any CAD software the doctors wish to use.

Can I disinfect the tips?
How many times can the tips be autoclaved?

A scan tip can be sterilized in hot temperature (121° C) up to 20 times. It should be replaced afterwards if there are signs of deterioration.

Do I need to pay extra for license or software updates?

No extra cost. The updates version will be available in the software.

Do I need to calibrate CorScan?

No calibration is needed.

Which clinical conditions can be scanned by the CorScan?

With CorScan you will be capable to scan all clinical conditions, including: partial edentulous and fully edentulous cases, prepared teeth for crowns and veneers, orthodontic treatments, guided surgery models and scan bodies for implant restoration.

How many scan tips are included?

There are 5 scan tips in the box.

For what surgical operations is the scanner adapted?


  • Crowns and bridges
  • Veneers
  • Inlay/Onlay
  • DSD
  • All types of digital impressions


  • Clear Aligner
  • Retainer
  • Splint


  • Surgical Guided
  • Scan Body-for implant restoration
Can I use CorScan on several workstations?

Yes, the scanner is not locked to one workstation. If the computer has the recommended specs, you can use the scanner.

CorScan S6000 Manual - Step By Step

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