Digital implant entering the U.S. market

Digital implant

Expanding upon its already impressive product portfolio, Cortex will introduce a new branded intraoral scanner to global markets in late 2021. Followed by an updated global AI reference library to provide virtual assistance and recommendations for every implant case. Cortex also has plans to break ground on multiple branded implant training facilities in the U.S.

Cortex may not be a household name yet in the United States. But with the recent launch of Cortex USA, that appears likely to change this year. As a global leader in fully digital implant technology, the company, founded by a multinational consortium of dentists, surgeons, and engineers, combines innovative implant designs with a digital interface that takes the guesswork out of planning and placing implants.

A fully digital workflow yields improved outcomes in less time

Cortex boasts a fully digital implant-planning platform. From the first scan to the final placement, dentists can work in real-time with an in-house clinical staff and laboratory team to plan each and every Cortex implant case. AI-driven insights then reference thousands of similar cases performed worldwide, in order to assure the best patient outcomes.

An American footprint for a global firm

The company’s new U.S.-based sales network and marketing team continue to expand. With representatives and clinical partners located in multiple markets, and a New Jersey-based customer care center. Thanks to careful inventory management and close coordination with a world-class supply chain team, Cortex USA has been able to avoid most typical supply interruptions and price increases even during a global pandemic.

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