Guided Surgery
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COR Kit Guided Surgery

Cat. N° CK-GS11

Cortex Guided Surgery Kit includes

Item Cat. Number
Fixation Pin Drill CD-GSFP
product-image gs-fixation-pin-drill
Fixation pin CT-GSFP
product-image gs-fixation-pin
Tissue Punch CD-GSTP
product-image gs-tissue-punch
Start Drill CD-GS1001
product-image gs-start-drill
Guided Surgery Depth Drill CD-GSxx22
product-image gs-drill-d20x8-mm-dlc
HandPiece Screw Driver 1.25 [mm] CT-D1xx
product-image handpiece-screw-driver-1-25
HandPiece Hex Implant Driver 2.42 [mm] CT-H2xx
product-image handpiece-implant-driver-2-42-for-hexed
HandPiece Conical Implant Drivers Narrow MCT-N2xx
product-image handpiece-implant-driver-for-narrow
Driver Adaptor for Square Ratchet CT-0232
product-image driver-adaptor-for-square-ratchet
Motor Mount to Implant mount CT-GS400
product-image gs-motor-mount-to-implant-mount
Implant mount Short Extender CT-GSS440
product-image gs-implant-mount-short-extender
Implant Mount Extender CT-GS440
product-image gs-implant-mount-extender
Square GS Extractor for Implant Mount CT-GS262
product-image square-gs-extractor-for-implant-mount
Guide Pin for Bone Mill MPN-GS7000
product-image gs-bone-mill-guide-mpn
Bone mill – Chamfer Conical CD-GSTCC
product-image gs-bone-mill-chamfer-conical
Torque Ratchet CT-0863
product-image torque-ratchet100-n-cm
Guided Surgery Tapered Drill CD-GSxx28
product-image gs-drill-d28x8-mm-dlc
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