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Changes and Challenges in Implant Dentistry.

6th Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry 2022

As dental implants are highly needed for edentulous patients all over the world, there are dental implant congresses held in many parts of the world. As we know, Southeast Asia is one of the highest populated regions and the demand for dental implants is increasing very fast. In order to keep up with the knowledge and technologies, we have to travel across the globe to attend dental implant meetings to learn and gain more experience back to professionally treat our patients. After several years of organizing dental implant meetings in Thailand, the Thai Association of Dental Implantology or TADI decided to organize the first international implant symposium held in Bangkok in 2010 called “Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry (BIS)” and invited dental professionals in the region to join the event. The objective was not only for the participants can learn and share knowledge and experiences in the field of dental implantology, but also to unite, corporate, and have a friendship among the dentists who have the same passion across the region as a single community. We also established the “Implant Expo” alongside the scientific program which many implant business companies join the exhibition to show their recent products, technology, innovations, and material. Also, it was the biggest implant exhibition of that time.  Since 2010, the BIS has been held every 2 years until this year. The BIS2022 is now organized by an international committee comprised of renowned implant experts from 13 countries around the region. Moreover, we aim to make BIS the biggest implant meeting in the region and would like to invite all dental professionals who have the same passion for dental implants to join the symposium. You will find very warm hospitality, friendship, joy, and highly academic meeting in Bangkok in BIS2022 during November 28 – 30.

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