Cortex Thailand Launch and Training Event, December 2023.


The event commenced with an opening address from Cortex Dental Implants’ leadership, highlighting the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for dental professionals and improving the overall patient experience. The keynote speakers emphasized the innovative features and benefits of Cortex’s dental implants, setting the tone for an informative and engaging event.

Attendees were treated to live demonstrations and hands-on experiences with the latest dental implant products.

Expert clinicians and dental professionals demonstrated the ease of use, precision, and reliability of Cortex’s implants, showcasing the advanced technology that distinguished the brand in the dental industry.

A significant highlight of the launch event was the introduction of a groundbreaking product or feature, such as a new implant design, material innovation, or digital integration that set Cortex Dental Implants apart from its competitors.

This announcement generated excitement and anticipation among attendees, emphasizing the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of dental implant technology.

Networking opportunities allowed attendees to connect with key opinion leaders, industry experts, and representatives from Cortex Dental Implants, facilitating the establishment of partnerships and collaborations within the Thai dental community.

By the conclusion of the launch event, Cortex Dental Implants had successfully positioned itself as a trusted and innovative provider of dental implant solutions in Thailand.

The positive reception from dental professionals and stakeholders signalled a promising future for Cortex in the Thai market, affirming its commitment to advancing dental care through cutting-edge technology and fostering a community dedicated to oral health excellence.

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