Guided surgery - From virtual planning to final restoration

Guided surgery -  From virtual planning to final restoration

Cortex Digital System provides fully digital workflow for dentists.

Optimal precision and predictability all the way from virtual planning to immediate temporalization.

  • Accurate and safe.

  • Efficient surgical procedure.

  • Minimalizing chair time and number of appointments to the doctor’s clinic.
Virtual Case Planning

Virtual Case Planning

3D virtual implant planning software allows clinicians to make a complete pre-implant diagnosis and create a prosthetic driven surgery plan.

  •  Cortex Digital Lab support for virtual planning

  • Complete 3D data visualization in order to achieve real-time surgical and prosthetic driven case planning.

  • Online case sharing and communication with clinician.
Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

Cortex Guided Surgery Kit

  • One universal kit for Cortex implant system, provides a full solution for all clinical constraints.

  • Guided surgery kit with a build in guiding cylinders and stoppers compatible with titanium sleeves, allows the clinician to perform a FULLY GUIDED spoon-less procedure.

  • Advanced drills design featuring: bone preserving geometry and External Irrigation pass to reduce the heat production during the drilling procedure.
Cad/Cam - Prosthetic Solution

Cad/Cam - Prosthetic Solution

Fully equipped in house laboratory, supported by Cortex Cad/Cam products wide line
  • Latest CAD/CAM technology is used to prepare a virtual Wax-up of the prosthetic solution allowing a prosthetic driven virtual implant planning.

  • Cortex top quality CAD/CAM system provides a full prosthetic solution for temporary and permanent restorations.

  • CAD/CAM products range includes: Scan-Bodies, Titanium-Bases, Titatium- Bases for One- piece Multi-Unit system & Titanium Pre-Mills.

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