Cortex Case Reports offer clinical insight into a range of dental cases.A case report generally presents a complex real situation, or a dilemma, enabling the reader to learn from the discussion and data exhibited. Case reports are an important learning tool used in all stages, containing the ability to demonstrate theory and practice side by side.
The case reports presented here, provide dental professionals access to a broader spectrum of cases.Each case report includes patient data, clinical images and an explanation about the case procedure. These cases enable online observation of real patient cases, offering a deeper appreciation of treatment possibilities, and potential utilization of the Cortex Dental Implants range of products.

Magix - Case Studies

The Magix Implant is self-drilling, self-tapping and self-condensing, with outstanding advantages in medium and soft bones.
Here are 14 cases using Cortex Magix by Dr. Meir Mamraev, DMD,. LLB,..
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Internal Hex Connection - Case Studies

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Flapless Dental Implantation using Cortex Implants

The following case study discusses the flapless implant surgery approach using the Cortex implant package and surgical kit. This article will depict the background for this technique as well as the potential advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.
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The use of the SATURN - A winged implant, for Immediate Loading after Socket Preservation

A plausible reason for the minimal bone loss may be attributed to the wings of the “Saturn” implant that defuse the stress around the cervical area of the implant. A computerized finite element analysis supports this hypothesis.
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Easy2Fix - Case Studies

a unique dental implant system was developed to overcome the surgical trauma, the lack of adequate bone volume and its elevated cost by using small diameter guided implants with biomechanical enhanced primary stability, allowing immediate and long lasting denture stabilization. Her are 8 cases by
Dr. Jorge Jofré
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